GotVoice Message Center

GotVoice Message Center 1.0

GotVoice Message Center retrieves all of your voicemail from your PC's desktop (See all)

GotVoice Message Center is a handy and user-friendly application that automatically retrieves all of your voicemail from your computer's desktop. With this wonderful tool you will be able to manage all your voicemail messages, by turning them into e-mail notes that go directly to your inbox. The application has the ability to grab voicemail messages from various phone numbers, including home phone, cellphone, and work phone. GotVoice offers various types of services that provide many more options as you pay more money. However, there's a free service that retrieves the messages only once a day, and 12 more times whenever you want, which may work for you. If you want to reply the message from your inbox, you just press the reply button, write your message and the program will send your words to the recipient's cell phones as a text message or to the recipient's regular telephones as an audio voice message spoken by a computer voice. If you are a business person and receive multiple voicemail messages per day, GotVoice Message Center will be of great help and will make your job even easier and faster. It only supports Windows 2000 and XP.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Simple user interface. Useful. Pretty accurate transcriptions


  • Only supports Windows 2000 and XP
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